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BDD and Agiletto merges!

BDD creates Sweden's first SAFe house to meet the strong demand for large-scale lean-agile skills!

As part of BDD's endeavors to better meet the growing demand for lean-agile support In large organizations, BDD merges with Gothenburg-based Agiletto AB, creating even better conditions to help more organizations, large and small, to increased productivity and efficiency.

After the merger BDD will have offices in Gothenburg, Malmö and Linköping.

Since its start in 2014, BDD has helped a number of organizations achieve valuable results in business development, innovation, education and agile transformation.

Agiletto has been involved in the education and development of several lean-agile organizations since the start of 2017,

"Our mission will still be to create high-performing lean-agile organizations together with our customers. Together with BDD and through our Gold Partnership with Scaled Agile Network, we become the Nordic region's leading lean-agile competence house, "says Jörgen Karlsson, Agiletto AB.

"Through our merger with Agiletto AB, we will also cover an extremely interesting region where we see that there is a tremendous interest in our services. Together, we get the size and delivery capacity required to meet the demands of the largest organizations in the Nordic region, "says Svante Gidlund, BDD AB.

Managing Director of BDD (Svante Gidlund) and Agiletto (Jörgen Karlsson) said in a joint statement:

"Together we have the prerequisites for being the obvious choice of partner in terms of Agile transformation and education"

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