Making an Opportunity of a challenge

We live right now in challenging times. In challenging times we need to innovate. The virus stops us from meeting and among other things having trainings face-to-face. The solution is of course to have trainings remote in virtual classrooms. But is it as good as live training? Or can it even be better? What happens with the transformation if all training stops?

BDD have, together with Scaled Agile Inc, invested time and resources on how to conduct high quality remote training. We still believe that the best trainings are delivered face-to-face. However, a remote setup gives us a lot of possibilities that in some ways exceeds the possibilities with traditional training. We call that “Blended Learning”.

In a blended learning, participants

  • Prepare themselves to make connections with what they already know. At home in their own pace.

  • Participates in Instructor Led Trainings (ILT) – in a virtual classroom – where they explore concepts.

  • In break out rooms, working with other participants as a group in concrete practices

  • After and during ILT be able to draw conclusions and self-reflect.

A typical setup

A typical setup starts with the participants own preparations. This is done online in a Learning Management System, where the participant gets information and conduct exercises.

In the first Instructor Led Training, ILT 0, the participants learn how to use the different tools that is needed to make the best of a course. They get to know each other and gets the first assignment.

ILT1 to 4 is four half days. Using state of the ART video conferencing, two very experienced trainers, and collaboration tools to both listen and interact with the instructor, but also to have exercises in smaller groups. We maximize these to four hours based on experience.

Between the ILT’s participants gets assignments in order to draw conclusions on how to adapt their new learnings in their daily work. The last ILT is about any open questions that might exist or emerged when adapting and working with the new knowledge. Also preparing for the exam that is the crown of the course.

Throughout the course students can discuss with each other and with the two trainers via a forum tool.

Innovative Opportunity

With this innovation, the above setup and completeness, extending with two very experienced teachers and possibility to accommodate up to 42 participants we really think we have made this

challenge to an innovative and cost-efficient opportunity.

In short we will deliver several different courses as blended learning. Course will be Leading SAFe, Product Owner / Product Manager and Scrum Master.

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