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BDD welcomes Dr. Koti Reddy Bhavanam!

Updated: Feb 12

As part of our continuous growth plan, address the current challenges and grow in Asia region we are welcoming Dr. Koti Reddy Bhavanam to our team in India.

Dr. Koti is author “Pragmatic Agility” and winner of the Indian Achievers Award 2020 for EduTech Excellence from IAF. Dr. Koti has earned his doctorate in agile project management and has experience around 20+ years which includes managing large scale transformations at Primavera Inc., Oracle, UnitedHealth Group and United Technologies.

Dr. Koti has worked on various domains like ERP, health care, banking, and manufacturing. He has successfully implemented scrum, Kanban, DevOps and scaling agile at various organisations from a size of 50 to 25000 people. Dr. Koti played a vital role in identifying the value streams and maximizing the value of the product by applying the right tools and techniques from lean. He also uses NLP techniques into his coaching tool kit for better empathy and value maximization. our team page

BDD has offices in Gothenburg, Malmö and Singapore. Established in 2004, BDD has enabled a large number of organizations to achieve valuable outcomes with their agile transformations

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