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Episode 3 - Assigning Business Value

Updated: Sep 24

Would you like to improve the collaboration between the Teams and the Business Owners on your Agile Release Train?

Are you an RTE or someone able to coach and influence how the Train works?

In this third episode of my video series, I explore how to assign Business Value when Business Owners review the PI Objectives during PI Planning.

Multiple Purposes

The Business Value, from 1-10, as assigned by the Business Owners helps to align the team and train towards the outcomes that really matter to the business.

It supports the conversation between Business Owners and Teams and it is also used for the Program Predictability metric.

Pitfalls and Challenges

Business Owners are, in my experience, often uncertain about the purpose of assigning business value and especially how to think and reason.

In the video, I share some pitfalls often creating challenges in practice as seen in the screen shot.


Based on what I have seen in the field, I summarize a few tips for the Business Owner team. You can see them in this screen shot and check out the video for more context.

The first tip is about Business Owners making up their mind on what Business Value really is to them.

It can potentially be so many things as pointed out in the presentation “Assigning Business Value to PI Objectives – Less Pain, More Gain”by Marguerite Bryan.

To view more than just the single screen shot, download her slides here.

Next Episode

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