We are prepared to put some skin in the game

The Value Proposition of BDD goes beyond Business-To-Business and of selling consultant services. Based on our confidence that all organizations have the potential to improve and prosper, BDD is offering a partnership in value creation.

With our knowledge of Product Development and Leadership, we can support you in getting the right products out in time. We are so confident that we are willing to take part in the risk of not succeeding. However, we expect you to reach your objectives, and as compensation, BDD will receive an agreed share of the value created.

The contribution from BDD is to provide knowledge and guidance, and your responsibility will be to utilize the knowledge and take action.

Business Model Canvas

This offer is an overall complement to BDD Academy, Coaching, and other services that we usually get paid for when the work is done.

Will you engage with us?

Business Agility is becoming mainstream, and most organizations are running some kind of Agile transformation. But few organizations have completed a full transformation across all dimensions at an enterprise or business-unit level; most just implement Agile at team-level. While it is challenging to combine a traditional project-oriented mindset with Agile teamwork, still many executives do not take the lead in a holistic culture change.

Lean-Agile thinking across the entire enterprise combines speed and stability; it helps role clarity, innovation, and operations excel and produce positive outcomes for organizational health and performance. The Lean-Agile thinking affects everyone from the board room to the shop floor. Senior leaders must set a compelling vision and inspire change, core agile practitioners must lead, and all employees must believe in the shift toward agility and feel vested in new ways of working.


Our Value Proposition is a unique opportunity to drive a broader ownership culture for value creation in the organization and to mobilize around ideas to develop smarter ways of working. As a starting point, we propose our Actionable Training where there is room for hands-on value creation. For more information take a look at Actionable Product Management and Actionable Portfolio Management

Are you ready to engage with us to define a partnership?

We need a working model


Experience from previous partnerships has made it clear that besides mutual business objectives, we must also agree on a principle working model. BDD is convinced that a Lean-Agile mindset, including transformational leadership, optimizing flow, and continuous improvements, are essential elements to achieve business results.


This partnership is not only about making one initial organizational change; it is about continuously accelerating business by sustained improvements. We need to have the same view on the target state and accept that greatness doesn't come overnight. Otherwise, any partnership will not fly. The bottom line is mutual trust and face-to-face meetings.

You can find more details of the working model in an existing Partnership Agreement.




A partnership, compared to a traditional customer-supplier relation, gives some immediate advantages:

  • A joint definition of business objectives which must drive all efforts. Without the business objectives, there is no base for the partnership.

  • Business metrics get done. Part of our agreement is to do the necessary homework of gathering and compile data and present results.

  • Clear responsibilities will involve the right people. When the right people are engaged from the beginning, they will be part of forming the transformation and take ownership.

  • No significant upfront investment and binding contract are needed. BDD will work step by step on a transparent cost price model.

  • You get an early assessment and benchmark compared to established business practices.